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Founder Story


And no, that's not sarcastic or a joke. I'm being serious. My name is Karina and when my son was born in 2019, I was determined to be the best mum I could be. 

I'd stopped drinking alcohol, started exercising and eating healthy and was doing everything I could to be a great mum.

I also made a decision really early that I was going to breastfeed my son, and I was going to do it for as long as I could because I knew there were so many benefits.

So I did what I could to make that a reality. My "favourite" outfit was a Kmart nursing singlet, leggings and a long sleeve shirt that I wore open (mostly to hide my mum tum). 

And I say "favourite" because it's not like I wore it because I loved it. I wore it because that's all I could find and make work. And it definitely wasn't my "favourite" because I felt like myself in the outfit. Quite the opposite actually.

I honestly didn't leave the house as much because I felt judged when feeding out and about. Mens eyes staring at your boobs.. Older women mumbling “how dare she nurse out in the open.. Why is she covering up? Why isn’t she covering up?”

You know the feeling, right?

One day it occurred to me that in EVERY conversation, my mums group and I complained that none of our favourite stores had breastfeeding variations.

I was like you.. I found everything was the same, saggy and frumpy clothing. (I know I’m preaching to the choir!) 

I thought.. ‘well I’m on maternity leave..’, ‘I have time…’ ‘Why don’t I do something to fill the gap?!’ That's when The Mylk Society was born.

I wanted to design products that were timeless, that could be worn all year round and most of all are functional. Clothes that you don’t have to constantly hold up or kink your neck for. Clothes that allow for a free hand  to sip that glass of water/coffee/wine. Clothes that hide the mum tum without turning saggy or frumpy.

Clothes to make you feel good so you can focus on being the best mum you can be. Like you have your shit together and will ultimately make you look forward to breastfeeding.

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